professional manufacturer of
Phenylmethyl silicone oil & Diffusion Pump oil


Name of commodity
Phenyl silicone oil 250-30
(Equal to DC-510、DC-550、DC-710,Shin-EtsuKF-50、KF-54)


Structure formula

Performance and Technical Indexes

Appearance: Colorless-light yellow transparent liquid

Technical Indexes 

     Property      Value
     Viscosity (25°C )mm2/s      25~40
     Diopter 25°C      ≥1.02
     Specific Gravity      1.010~1.080
     Flash Point °C      ≥240
     Condensation Point °C      ≤-45


Performance and Applications
Low viscosity, low freezing point, heat resistance, relatively high flash point, expansion coefficient, superior electrical performance (anti-corona, the average high pressure). For large power capacitor insulation impregnation and plasma bags, infusion bags isolated anti-sticking additives, surgical treatment of the base oil, cosmetics and skin care, and other additives such as frostbite injury. This product is similar Dow Corning Corporation: DC-510, the Japanese company Shin-Etsu: KF-50.

Transport as non-hazardous chemicals, keeping away from rain and sunlight.
Shelf life: 3 years. It still can be used after being tested and qualified when exceeding the shelf life

SingShine Phenyl silicone oil 250-30 is available in 200 kg Iron Drum, or 25/50kg plastic Drums, or 950kg Totes(IBC).



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