professional manufacturer of
Phenylmethyl silicone oil & Diffusion Pump oil


Name of commodity
RTV, Silicone Rubber Gum
(Base gum)


Structure formula

Performance and Technical Indexes

Appearance: Colorless transparent dense liquid

Technical Indexes

   Item   Indexes
  First grade   Up to standard   Up to standard   Up to standard   Up to standard
  Kinematic viscidity(25°C) mm2/s   2000~200000   500000~2000000   500±50   1500±500
  Volatilization, 150°C,3h,%   ≤1.60   ≤2.00   ≤2.50   ≤3.00   ≤3.00
  Surface sulfuration time,h   ≤2.00   ≤2.00   ------   ------
  Density at 25°C, g/cm3   0.980~1.100
  Flash Point, 25°C   321.1[close up]
  Dioptre, 25°C   Without data


Performance and Applications
It can solidify together with crosslinking agents and activators at room temperature. It can remain elasticity for a long time at the temperature range of -60°C~200°C with excellent electrical performances and chemical stability and property of waterproof, odor resistance and weather proof resistance. It is widely used in many areas such as caulking joint in construction; insulation, antishock,dampproof and anticorrosion for electronic components; moulding and demoulding for rubber products, smooth agents and isolating agents for leathers. It is also a basic material for manufacture of RTV-1, TV-2 with special specification used in fabric finishing and daily-use chemical industry.

Transport as non-hazardous chemicals, keeping away from rain and sunlight.
Shelf life: 3 years. It still can be used after being tested and qualified when exceeding the shelf life

SingShine Partly Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid is available in 200 kg Iron Drum, or 25/50kg plastic Drums, or 950kg Totes(IBC).



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