National coal electricity prices will be the closing five unexecuted contract amount to less than ha

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A week-long national coal production in 2009 to be transported between the contract summary will (referred to as the National Coal Council) concluded on the 27th in Fuzhou, as Huaneng, Datang, Huadian, State Power and China Power Investment Group, the top five power enterprises, such as the signing of the contract were not contract less than 50%.

Coal this year by the China Coal Transportation and Marketing Association, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province Economic and Trade Commission, the Government and contractors, including Guodian, Taiyuan coal trading center, the net energy, Datang Group, Huaneng, Jiangsu fuel companies and other large coal companies and electric power enterprises participants, for next year's coal production to be carried out between transport, contract pricing and other activities summary.

National Development and Reform Commission on December 3 in the next issued a notice that the supply and demand of coal in 2009 will be based on the overall balance tends to loosen, but because of the existence of the middle class to be delivered a number of structural contradictions and uncertainties, there may be some varieties, regions and periods of contradictions.

National Development and Reform Commission said that according to residents, electricity, fertilizer, metallurgical and export of key industries such as the demand for cross-province coal, coal resources and railways add capacity situation, inter-provinces in 2009 to determine the capacity of coal target configuration control 846 million tons.

On the 27th afternoon, the China Coal Transportation and Marketing Association, a person in charge told reporters, with the exception of the top five power enterprises, and other local power companies have signed a basic. The top five power enterprises accounted for more than 50 percent of the coal supply, so including coal, chemicals, and now the signing of the contract, less than half of the volume.

27 the evening news was confirmed from Fuzhou, the coal will be the end of the 27th, there is no extension of intention.

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