State Research Center of the establishment of import and export of chemical safety

2011-12-8   View:3472

A few days ago, the National Quality Research Center of General Administration of import and export of chemical safety in China, the official formation of the establishment of ASTRI seized. In recent years, the Western developed countries, international trade in chemicals and cross-border transfer issued a series of stringent environmental, safety regulations and instructions, on China's export trade has brought far-reaching consequences. In support of AQSIQ, China's industrial products seized by ASTRI hospital-based research on chemical safety, chemical safety focus on the hospital personnel, technology and equipment resources, the formation of the research center.
During construction, the Chinese Research Center of Frederick ASTRI researchers established a "chemical safety data sheet database", was designated for the implementation of GHS and REACH the EU to deal with the arbitration, the benchmark database; to build a chemical toxicological SARs predict the nature of technology platforms and Identification of state-level classification of chemicals and assessment of reference laboratories; the active participation of the State Council, "the risk of chemical safety regulations," the AQSIQ to deal with the United States, "Consumer Product Safety Reform Act", China's response to the EU REACH legislation a total of 130 overall strategic planning a number of criteria for planning a series of related work in science and technology have played an important role in support and technical support.
After the formal establishment of the Center, a joint system will be widely both within and outside the R & D capability, and further focus on the advantages of resources management policy of chemicals, chemical safety information, risk analysis of chemicals, dangerous chemicals, monitoring, chemical health and environmental hazards, such as field studies targeted research, in order to AQSIQ Chemicals Import and Export Inspection and Supervision, and promote China's import and export of chemicals to protect the safety of China's consumption of chemicals, and better performance of chemicals and their relevant international conventions to provide IT security and technical support.

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